Insanology – Boris Savoldelli

Boris Savoldelli is a funk-rock-experimental italian singer. His main mentor is the great jazz singer MARK MURPHY. He studied with him at the “UNIVERSITAT FUR MUSIK” of Graz in Austria, in Italy and in NYC.
Insanology is an experimental vocal project, recorded just with the help of a simple looper machine without any musical instruments. The work starts from a “mantric” vison of each song where overlapped loops of small harmonic and rhythmic patterns, in an exquisite and complex balance, create the songs. The main difference between “Insanology” and others “vocal solo” album is the possibility for Boris to sing live every single track recorded only with his voice and the help of a looper. No need of background singers or “incredible” sampler or vocal synthesizers. Starting from a few seconds loop idea the song comes out naturally. All lyrics have been written by the italian songwriter Alessandro Ducoli, part in italian and few parts in English, with some experimental and never done before vocalese lines in italian. Last but not least, after hearing this very rough promo, Mark Murphy himself gave to Boris, as a gift, one of his never-relased track titled “In the seventh year” arranged for vocal solo by Boris and the maestro Federico Troncatti (a great italian contemporary avantguard composer).

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Album Credits:

Boris Savoldelli, vocals. Marc Ribot, guitars on Mindjoke and Insanology. All songs written, arranged and performed by Boris Savoldelli. Lyrics by Alessandro Ducoli. In the Seventh year written by Mark Murphy and Uli Rennert. Arranged by Federico Troncatti. Crosstown traffic written by Jimi Hendrix.
Bluechild written by Alessandro Ducoli and Boris Savoldelli. Boris’ tracks recorded, co-arranged, engineered and edited by Paolo Filippi at Cavò Studio (Azzano San Paolo - BG). Marc Ribot’s tracks recorded by Francois Lardeau at Greenpoint Sound Studio (Brooklyn - NYC). Distribuited by BTF.
Artwork by Armando Bolivar.
Photos by Fabio “Mr. Slade” Gamba / Phocus Agency ©.


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