Biocosmopolitan – Boris Savoldelli

Boris Savoldelli is a new vocal performer on the music scene who is receiving kudos from around the world. He is always challenging his “vocal instrument” with new and original ways of singing, thanks to his music background that ranges from classical studies to jazz to rock-funk to avant-garde experimental music. His influences include his mentor in jazz, singer Mark Murphy.

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Boris Savoldelli's new release is a tour-de-force of vocal artistry. Featuring brilliant contributions from rising trumpet star Paolo Fresu and fusion bass legend Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets; Allan Holdsworth; Holdsworth / Pasqua / Haslip / Wackerman), Biocosmopolitan is an exquisitely-crafted sound palette -- replete with elaborate harmonies, interlocking rhythms, and a panoply of globe-spanning musical influences, both old and new.Boris's deft use of looping creates a rich tapestry of choral, instrumental, and percussion sounds that truly defy description, pushing the bounds of previously-held conceptions for how voice can be applied to music. Unlike Protoplasmic (MoonJune Records' MJR025) -- an improvised outing that explored what Boris refers to as his "dark side" -- Biocosmopolitan is a much more fun, exuberant and accessible affair, presenting the most complete portrait of Savoldelli as singer, composer, arranger, and sound manipulator to date. Biocosmopolitan already has critics around the globe singing its' praises, and stands as a testiment to the talent, humor and immense imagination of this unique, visionary artist. (web)


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